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John Graden after USF Sorority Self-Defense and Safety Seminar

Past Clients

“John is a fantastic speaker, and his session is NOT your typical boring PowerPoint. Highly recommend him for any size organization.” -Dan Mitchell, Pasco Economic Development Council

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Pasco County leadership speaker
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Choose Your Battles Wisely

Based on John Graden’s book, Choose Your Battles Wisely, this program teaches strategic decision-making, martial arts and self-defense skills.

These knock-out strategies from Black Belt Coach John Graden will give you a ‘fight plan’ to take control of your personal and professional life, showing you how to increase your confidence with powerful communication skills, enhanced mental awareness, and the adaptability of a ninja.

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Student Safety & Self-Defense

Our students learn personal safety awareness training so they can recognize and prevent violence in their everyday lives.

We emphasize the prevention of violence, rather than just training students in a few self-defense techniques.

This is an exciting program that combines self-defense and safety with smart decision-making strategies. Perfect for young adults.


Real-Estate Agent Self-Defense

This exciting workshop teaches self-defense tips every real estate agent needs to know and calling 911 isn’t one of them. Attacks on realtors™ are a crime by appointment.

See John Graden in Realtor™ magazine.

Employee-self-defense training

Employee Self-Defense

Show your front lines employees that you care about their safety with this workshop that will help them deal with verbal attacks and recognize and prevent physical attacks.

active shooter response training

Active Shooter Response

This interactive seminar works for team-building because of the critical decision-making and teamwork involved.

custom self defense program

Custom Programs

We can create a custom class or series of classes for individuals, families, and organizations teaching Choose Your Battles Wisely, Safe Student Project, and/or any self-defense topic like Active Shooter… 


Benefits of
John Graden’s Programs


Known as the “Martial Arts Teacher of Teachers” John Graden is a world-renowned teacher and trainer of “soft skills” like self-confidence and verbal defense to “hard skills” like responding to an active shooter and anti-abduction.


Learn how to focus like a razor on the high return activities that will lead you to your goals.


Learn how to create more influence with bold enthusiasm.

Increased Awareness

Become present and aware of what is happening around you and to you.

Concentration of Power

Martial arts teaches how to create maximum results with the least effort.

Verbal Defense

Learn how to initiate crucial conversations and how to respond to verbal attacks.


Learn how to overcome the impostor syndrome and develop rock-solid confidence in any situation.


Earning your black belt in any area of life requires self-discipline. Learn how to create a highly motivating enthusiasm doing what you have to do when you have to do it.

Potential Power

Learn how to create a deep and honest belief that there is a lot more inside you that you are not showing. Unleash your potential with a proven system for personal and professional success.



Many speakers and coaches only take a course on how to be a business coach or speaker and become instant “experts” with no real experience.

John is widely recognized for leading the martial arts school business out of the back ally onto main street.

He created the first professional association, trade journal, and widely respected instructor certification program for the martial arts school business.

John Graden is a proven expert in personal and business development.


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