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“John is a fantastic speaker, and his session is NOT your typical boring PowerPoint. Highly recommend him for any size organization.” -Dan Mitchell, Pasco Economic Development Council

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Student Safety & Self-Defense

The Safe Student Project combines strategic decision-making with self-defense skills to stay safe.

Students will develop a ‘fight plan’ to increase awareness and control of their own lives.

They will learn how to develop rock-solid confidence through powerful communication skills, heightened mental awareness, and the self-defense skills to stay safe. 

Real-Estate Agent Self-Defense

Discover the key to staying safe in Tampa Bay’s real estate world. Enroll in our empowering self-defense classes today and equip yourself with the skills to protect and thrive. Safeguard your success while gaining peace of mind. 

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Anti-Bully Program book cover


Bullying is just like a fire in your home. If you do not deal with it quickly, it grows and consumes your life.

Learn a proven system that gives you control over bullying.

Bullying is not going away. How to Deal with Bullying shows you how to recognize, avoid, and deal with bullies at school, work, and online with cyberbullies.

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    child abduction Amber alert

    Child Abduction Prevention (CAP)

    Our Anti-Abduction Workshop is an exciting way for children to learn life-saving skills.  Your children will participate and learn:

    • Who can be a threat
    • What not to do and why
    • Physical techniques against an adult attacker
    • How to verbalize in a threatening situation
    • Abduction prevention techniques
    • Vehicle Abduction techniques
    • Role playing
    • 911 scenario drills
    active shooter response training

    Active Shooter Response

    Prepare for the unexpected with our life-saving Active Shooter Response Seminar.

    Gain the vital knowledge and skills needed to respond swiftly and effectively during high-stress situations. Learn crisis communication, evacuation strategies, and self-defense techniques from experienced professionals.

    custom self defense program

    Custom Programs

    Our expert instructors offer customizable classes. Whether you seek personal empowerment or organizational safety, we’ve got you covered.

    Benefit from our flexible options and gain the knowledge and skills necessary to protect yourself and others. Take charge of your safety today with our personalized self-defense classes.

    Black Belt Coach

    John Graden

    Known as the “Martial Arts Teacher of Teachers” John Graden is a world-renowned teacher and trainer of “soft skills” like self-confidence and verbal defense to “hard skills” like responding to an active shooter and anti-abduction.



    Many speakers and coaches only take a course on how to be a business coach or speaker and become instant “experts” with no real experience.

    John is widely recognized for leading the martial arts school business out of the back ally onto main street.

    He created the first professional association, trade journal, and widely respected instructor certification program for the martial arts school business.

    John Graden is a proven expert in personal and business development.


    Tampa Bay professional speaker


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