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John Graden Author Coaching


Give Your Book Life!

Work directly with John Graden to get your content created and optimized for publication for your targeted readers.

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Coaching Sessions

Work directly with John Graden and his team to guide you through the process of authoring, publishing, and promoting  your book

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Phase One–Prepare and Proof


Manuscript Copy Editing

The process starts with a clear understanding of your goals and target market. Next, we outline the book before we start on the actual manuscript.

I help also you complete the front and back matter and anything else necessary to complete the book before we publish the book. 

Finally, we proofread the text to eliminate any visible or hidden errors.

Professional Cover Design

Our creative artist team designs attention-grabbing cover art that best captures the feel you want your book to emanate and represents the central idea of your book.

Professional Interior Design

Each option includes a professionally designed interior that will make your book look great!

Phase Two–Publish

Wide and Deep

Print Publishing

Print Publishing

Your book will be professionally printed by Amazon or another similar source.

Publishing and Distribution

Publishing and Distribution

Our publishing network is wide. We can publish and distribute your book worldwide, to help you reach a wide range of outlets. 

Amazon Book Setup

Your program includes your book setup on Amazon for ebooks (KDP) and physical books.

Amazon Kindle Publishing

Amazon Kindle Publishing

Reach millions of readers on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

Print Publishing

Print Book Distribution

Sell your book in physical stores through our print and distribution services, without the hassle of printing thousands of copies. 

Publishing and Distribution

Ebook Distribution

Tap into 2.5 billion potential ebook readers. Our ebook distribution service helps authors publish ebooks to stores like Google Play, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, and more.

audio book publishing

Audiobook Distribution

We distribute audiobooks through all major distribution channels. Publish your audiobook to Audible, Google Play, Rakuten Kobo, and many more.

Phase Three–Promote

Publicity Pops

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Author/Speaker Website

Your website can help readers find and buy your book. You can include links so users can purchase your book and find out about your speaking services.


book signing

Book Signings

If you plan to include speaking in your marketing plan, we will help you to coordinate your book into the deal for a book signing, give away, or other sales-building strategy.

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Video Marketing

We will produce video trailers for your book. A video trailer is like a movie trailer. It’s a short, exciting promo for your book. Additional videos can be produced based on chapters, stories, reader testimonials etc… All of these will be posted to the YouTube channel we design and optimize for you.

Media Room and Press Release Marketing

Media Marketing

Every media appearance is an implied endorsement of you and your book. Nothing provides the “bang for your buck” as effective media marketing.

Our Media Marketing Program includes press release marketing, booking you on podcasts, speaking engagements, social media marketing, and more.