How does learning Public Speaking relate to Self-Defense, and how can it serve as a deterrent against potential attackers or adversaries?

Learning Public Speaking skills goes beyond mere verbal communication; it cultivates a commanding presence and confidence that extends into various aspects of life, including personal safety.

When you project confidence and assertiveness through your command of verbal expression, you establish a demeanor that makes you a less appealing target for potential attackers or adversaries.

This command presence, combined with the ability to articulate yourself clearly and assert boundaries, can deter potential threats by signaling that you are not an easy target.

Moreover, learning Verbal Defense enhances situational awareness, communication skills, and the ability to de-escalate conflicts verbally, which are invaluable assets in self-defense scenarios.

By honing your Public Speaking abilities, you become a more compelling communicator and a harder target, equipped with the confidence and presence to navigate potentially dangerous situations with greater ease and authority.

Do I have to take both Verbal-Defense and Public Speaking?

Not at all. Our programs are 100% customized to your needs. You can pick and choose from our program’s menu or request a custom class or course.

What Verbal-Defense is taught in a Public Speaking class?

Most confrontations that end up in a physical engagement start with verbal attacks. Your ability not to “freeze” during this critical phase is a huge factor in preventing escalation.

In our Verbal-Defense training, you will learn how to deal with these situations and gain an important understanding of what to say, how to say it, distance control, all while scanning for a pre-attack indicator from your adversary.

What makes your approach to teaching Verbal-Defense and Public Speaking unique?

Our approach combines practical Verbal-Cefense techniques with Public Speaking training to empower individuals from the inside out.

We focus not only on physical techniques but also on developing strong communication skills and a confident mindset.

Who can benefit from your Verbal-Defense and Public Speaking classes?

Anyone looking to improve their confidence, personal safety, and communication skills can benefit from our classes.

This includes individuals of all ages (including children), backgrounds, and professions.

How do your Public Speaking classes help improve communication skills?

Anyone looking to improve their confidence, personal security, and communication skills can benefit from our training.

Our public speaking classes focus on avoiding common body language mistakes and language patterns that weaken your message.

We help you improve your vocal projection, stage movement, and storytelling abilities.

Participants learn how to articulate their ideas clearly, engage audiences, and overcome stage fright.


This includes individuals of all ages (including children), backgrounds, and professions.

Do I need any prior experience in self-defense or public speaking to enroll in your classes?

No prior experience is necessary. Our classes are open to beginners and experienced individuals alike.

We provide a supportive learning environment where everyone can progress at their own pace.

Can I request private lessons for Verbal-Defense or Public Speaking?

Yes, we offer private lessons for individuals or small groups who prefer personalized instruction.

Private lessons allow for tailored training sessions focused on specific goals and areas of improvement.